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September 2010

First stop Mumbai!

The baptism of fire!

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After a hectic final few days in the UK and emotional goodbyes, we finally arrived in Mumbai....Kingfisher airlines..... One word..... REEM!!!! Lovely service, great food and decent movies..... The females aren't that bad either (yes, thanks for that J!)... Happy Days! : )IMG_0213.jpg

Mumbai is absolutely manic; we've never seen a city like it. As soon as you arrive the smell hits you and the drive from Mumbai airport takes you right trough the slums and instantly we had small children running up to our cab begging. There are so many beggars in Mumbai but the smallest of children, maybe as young as 4 or 5 really pull at your heart strings. IMG_0215.jpgYou'd be broke in an hour if you gave to everyone! After our long flight it was too much to take in all at once. Everywhere there were terrible smells, filth and dirt but depite that, the people were really friendly and for our first stop was a mad place to hang out for a couple of days. IMG_0217.jpg From cattle roaming free in the city centre nearly causing cars to crash, the nutty driving and beeping of horns, the way men wouldnt think twice about reliveiving themselves in broad daylight at the side of the street. It was indeed a sight to behold! We ending up spending a fair amount of money drinking and constantly eaiting (Mumbai is not cheap!) To this date we've not had one bad meal though. The food is amazing!!! Again.... AMAZING!!! : ) One thing is for sure though; the poor are extremely poor and the wealthy rolling it in with fuck all in between.... Mas city, completely manic! Two days in this city was humbling and a real eye opener but we were ready to leave and seek out more calmer places....next stop Goa! x

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